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Why did we renovate during lockdown?

Any renovation project can be an exciting time but during a pandemic, are you mad! Although we absolutely knew it would mean a fresh start, a rejuvenated identity, and an updated and enticing learning environment, it was a difficult decision. With no new revenue being generated due to Covid and the national lockdown. Our leaners continued to achieve their apprenticeship, meaning our income was ever decreasing, why make such a large investment?

Well, simply put, there was no better time to undertake the renovation.  With Solveway staff working from home, learners dialling in for classroom training and our offices and training rooms left empty.

The investment of £10’s of thousands of pounds was a daunting consideration for the senior leadership team. Knowing money would be stretched to the limit over the coming months and well into the next financial year, it was deemed too important an opportunity to miss.


Solveway Old Office
Sales and Marketing Office
Sales Office during renovation

Prior planning was key to the success of this project. Financial planning was essential in agreeing the budget required for the renovation. We had several office and training room renovation ideas, but we all agreed that the end goal would be to enhance the look and maximize the available space. 

We achieved this by:

  • Maximizing the lighting
  • Updating window dressings with stylish venetian blinds.
  • Replacing the carpets throughout.
  • Adding some colour to the walls and refreshing all the paintwork.
  • Rearranging and adding partitioning.

I think one of the biggest impacts I have seen in Solveway was to get rid of our large desks. Big desks are nice to have but the problem is that they tend to take up too much space. Take my advice, A small desk will do the job just fine.

Managing Director - Jalna McGilly

We looked at our office renovation as an opportunity to maximize our space knowing it would be far more aesthetically pleasing to our learners while boosting our staff’s morale. Sure, it was an extremely difficult decision financially, but now it’s done, we are delighted we took the initiative.


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