E-safety Policy


Solveway recognises the benefits and opportunities which new technologies offer to teaching and learning.

Our approach is to implement safeguards within the Academy, and to support staff and learners to identify and manage risks. We believe this can be achieved through a combination of security measures, training and guidance and implementation of our associated policies. In furtherance of our duty to safeguard learners, we will do all that we can to make our learners and staff stay ‘e-safe’ and to satisfy our wider duty of care. This e-safety policy should be read in conjunction with other relevant Academy policies and procedures such as Safeguarding, IT Acceptable Use and the Harassment and Anti-bullying Policy, and Disciplinary Policies.

Solveway will carry out its responsibilities in respect of the Children Act 2004 as a provider of vocational training to young people between the ages of 16 and 19. The nature of our provision indicates that health, welfare & social care issues are more likely to be identified and supported within the Solveway training centres, however arrangements are also appropriate to learners on the work-based route.

All employees are required to ensure that the Solveway commitment to the values of Equality and Diversity is reflected in all our business practices and behaviour. All employees have the responsibility for promoting diversity by challenging questionable behaviour, practices, actions, or decisions that are counter to the objectives of this policy.

Solveway recognises its obligations regarding the legal basis of Equality and Diversity; the Race Relations Act, the Sex Discrimination Act, the Equal Pay Act, and the Disability Discrimination Act. Employment Equality (Age) Regulations, The Children Act 2004. The company also recognises its obligations under the European Union Equal Treatment Legislation and Policy.

The company recognises that change is essential to promote and sustain Equality and Diversity and will:

  • Challenge traditional workplace culture and work patterns to eliminate barriers.
  • Develop and implement practices and programmes that enable previously under-represented groups to work and compete fairly within Solveway.
  • Develop processes that set aspirations and measure progress towards our diversity vision.
  • Establish processes that ensure a clear and shared responsibility for integrating Equality and Diversity into the Solveway business culture.

An essential underpinning of Equality and Diversity is a business environment free of any harassment and bullying. Harassment represents any unwanted behaviour or conduct based on a person’s difference, which is offensive to the recipient. The company will not tolerate or condone harassment of employees, learners or any other individual associated with Solveway.

Solveway will, where possible, support our customers in promoting their Equality and Diversity policies. The display of offensive or pornographic images, whether in electronic or hard copy format, however stored, is strictly prohibited. Use of the Internet and E-mail is covered in the Solveway Internet and E-mail Policy included in relevant employee and Learner handbooks.

An employee or learner, whose actions or behaviour are found to be in violation of our Equality and Diversity policy standards will be considered as having committed a serious offence and as such will be dealt with through the company counselling and discipline policy.

It is our intention to promote Equality and Diversity through our promotion literature, policies and processes, and our own employment practices.


In order to ensure that equality and diversity is successfully managed within the organisation, the following responsibilities have been allocated.

Overall Responsibility

The Managing Director accepts overall responsibility for all matters, including those regarding equality and diversity.

Management Responsibility

The Academy Manager and Operations Manager share the responsibility for the implementation of the policy. They are directly responsible for ensuring that all policies and procedures are consistent with this policy and where possible actively promote it. It is their responsibility to ensure that the policy is integrated into the way we do business and is not seen in isolation. They are also responsible for Equality and Diversity communication and training.

Employee Responsibility

Employees are responsible for promoting equality and diversity within the workplace, and at our Academies. They should be prepared to challenge the status quo and traditional stereotypes that are in conflict with our beliefs. All employees should make a positive contribution in supporting our customer’s Equality and Diversity policies, and as such, deal with, or report, any known violations of those policies.

Promotion to Employees, Learners and Employers

This policy will be communicated to new employees on appointment to the company, and to existing employees via its inclusion in the Solveway Quality Manual.

The policy is communicated to learners on commencement of their programmes via the portfolio, and Learner handbook. Learners receive a workshop session on equal opportunities as part of their induction programme.

Employers’ equal opportunities policies are reviewed as part of the Solveway Employer & Learner Sign-Up Process.
Our marketing materials are designed to include images of a diverse range of individuals in order to attract them to apply for our programmes.


Solveway will monitor programme participation and achievement through review of learner data in respect of gender, ethnicity and disability.

In addition to the proper investigation of complaints, harassment or bullying incidents, we will periodically identify any trends that will require revision of our policies and procedures.

Learners understanding of equal opportunities will be reviewed formally at their Progress Reviews via a set of appropriate questions issued to review staff.

The actions and behaviour of our staff in respect of this policy will be under continuous review by Solveway Managers. Staff who fail to apply this policy will be challenged and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Our Training Centre Co-ordinators will be continuously monitoring the welfare of their learners via attendance and behaviour in the centre. Should any concerns arise that might require the intervention of external agencies, these will first be discussed by Solveway managers before referral action is taken.


The Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis, or when new equal opportunities legislation is introduced.