Complaints Procedure

Solveway Complaints Procedure

Policy Statement

Solveway is committed to ensuring that any complaints received are addressed in an open, transparent manner to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Solveway welcomes the opportunity to investigate and deal with any deficiencies in its services.

Our Complaints Policy

This policy and procedure is designed to clarify the process both for those making a complaint, and staff dealing with complaints.

This policy and procedure is designed to address general complaints within Solveway where the delivery of a service has resulted in the complainant experiencing injustice or hardship. Any complaints received in areas covered by specific Solveway policies and procedures, such as Internal Assessment Appeals, will be addressed in accordance with these policies and procedures. Where this is the case, the complainant will be notified which policy and procedure will be used to address their complaint.

All complaints received by Solveway will be treated as confidential and only those staff directly involved will be made aware of the detail of the complaint.

All staff, apprentices and employers will be made aware of the complaints policy and procedure during their induction. This policy is also available on Solveway’s website at

Our Complaints Procedure

As complaints can potentially cover a wide variety of topics the following are general points on how a member of staff should deal with a complaint. Our commitment is to –

Take all complaints seriously. Whatever the subject of the complaint may be, by complaining the complainant has attached value to the subject and this should be respected by the member(s) of staff involved.

Remain professional. In an organisation with a high degree of face to face contact, it is perhaps inevitable that there will be a proportion of complaints relating to staff. If a complaint relates to you, please remember that you are responding as a member of Solveway staff and not as an individual. In these circumstances, it is perfectly reasonable to refer the individual to the Academy Manager.

Clear Communication. If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, the complainant should be informed about the complaints process, when a response may be expected and the method to be used for communicating this information.

Clear upward referral if required. If you are unable to address a complaint, or if the complainant remains unsatisfied with the outcome, please ensure the complainant is provided with the information below.

How to take a complaint forward

The governing principle of complaints handling within Solveway is to resolve complaints quickly when they occur, and we would encourage complainants to make their initial approach to staff in the area of the Solveway related to the complaint.

Solveway does recognise that in some instances, the complainant may not be comfortable with this as an initial approach, and in these circumstances complainants are advised to discuss their complaint with the relevant Academy Manager.

If the complainant does not feel comfortable with either of the above options, or feels that the complaint has not been fully addressed, they can bring their complaint to the attention of Solveway’s senior management team.

The complainant should submit a complaint in writing (via letter, e-mail to; or send this to:

Managing Director
Solveway Ltd
Barnwell School
Hertfordshire SG2 9SW

The written complaint should provide as much as possible, including

  • Full contact details for the complainant
  • The date of the incident resulting in the complaint
  • The impact of the incident upon the complainant
  • What action the complainant would like to see occur

A Solveway representative will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 5 working days, and will normally investigate and respond to the complaint within 15 working days.

If the response is anticipated to take longer, the complainant will be informed of the reasons for the delay and the anticipated response time.

A member of the Senior Management team will be responsible for investigating the complaint. This will consist of reviewing documentation and correspondence, discussing the issue with any relevant parties and analysing any other relevant information.

If your complaint is regarding, or linked to, the actions of an external stakeholder, such as an awarding body, Solveway will following the complaints procedure of the relevant body where applicable.

Once all information has been analysed, a response will be sent via email (or letter if requested or more appropriate) to the complainant to ensure both the complainant and Solveway hold a written record.

Should the complainant feel that the complaint has not been resolved to their satisfaction, they can appeal the decision made by Solveway. If this is the case, the complainant should appeal in writing to the Managing Director, using the contact details above. The Managing Director will then pass the appeal to a member of the Senior Management Team who was not involved in the original complaint investigation, for a further investigation and assessment.

Appealing after an initial complaint has been raised

In the unlikely event that you remain unhappy after your complaint has been investigated and a decision reached then you may escalate your complaint to the awarding body. Depending on the qualification you are undertaking, Solveway will provide you with all the contact information required to contact your relevant awarding body.