About Solveway and our Amazing Team

Solveway’s team are dedicated and experienced individuals that work tirelessly to ensure our learners and employers receive the best possible apprenticeship experience.

Our Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) take care of the daily planning and management of Solveway. Supported by trainers, work coaches, quality assurance, business development and operations, the team ensure the smooth running of Solveway.

Keith Swain

Managing Director

Jalna McGilly


Jim Tulloch

Data & Compliance Director

Ben Drain

Quality & Operations Director
Our Valued Team
The people that make Solveway tick!
  • Helen Whiting

    Helen Whiting

    Quality and Compliance Manager

  • Steve Ovenell

    Steve Ovenell

    Curriculum Manager

  • Dave Collins

    Dave Collins

    Technical Trainer

  • Denise Cameron

    Denise Cameron


  • Daniel Cowan

    Daniel Cowan

    IT Workcoach

  • Tom O'Donnell

    Tom O'Donnell

    Sales and Marketing Consultant

  • Caroline Coan

    Caroline Coan

    Marketing and Communications

  • Roger Clark

    Roger Clark

    Accountancy Workcoach

  • Jon Solitro

    Jon Solitro

    Apprenticeship Consultant

  • Kailam Hall

    Kailam Hall

    Apprenticeship Consultant

  • Tufal Choudhury

    Tufal Choudhury

    Accountancy Trainer