The Solveway team

Keith Swain Managing Director

Solveway has become a successful Apprenticeship provider delivering high quality training throughout the UK. Largely this is testament to its dedicated staff and the initial vison of the company. I started Solveway to help local businesses develop the young talent we have throughout the UK.

With the support and dedication of the Solveway team we help around 100 candidates and business every year to achieve their employment and education goals. We look forward to working with you!

Jim Tulloch Operations Manager

I am responsible for finances, planning, management reporting and administration. Before joining Solveway I worked for over 30 years as an IT manager for a pharmaceutical company. Outside work I enjoy wildlife photography, running, bee-keeping and gardening.

Recently I have been providing extra maths support to apprentices for their functional skills exam or where their job requires more advanced maths.

Steve Ovenell Academy Manager

I manage the general day-to-day activities in the Academy. I meet with apprentices and their employers regularly to carry out progress reviews and respond to any support needs. I schedule training activities for our programmes and internally quality assure our training and assessment to make sure everyone gets the best apprenticeship experience possible.

I am also Solveways dedicated safeguarding officer however you can talk with any of Solveways team should you require assistance in this area.

David Collins Technical Trainer

I am responsible for technical training and curriculum development at Solveway. Previously I had worked in various roles within the IT industry in both website production and business solutions development. I have been teaching for 8 years in various subjects including games development, mathmatics, website production and improving teaching practices.

Outside of work I enjoy many different activities from 3D modelling, gaming, watching documentaries, watching movies, reading and listening to music.

Beth Corcoran Business & Learner Manager

I’m passionate about helping young people find the right apprenticeship, this is because of the impact that it carries and the amazing futures that it provides. I love getting to know our apprentices and I truly care about helping them find the right role for them to develop and excel in.

Apprenticeships provides young people with the skills, experiences and opportunity to learn whilst they earn. Feel free to pop in a see me at the Solveway office.

Mary Palmer Business & Learner Manager

I am passionate about learning/career development and increasing business success to develop motivated and competent teams. I am here to help your business to access funding, develop your apprenticeship programmes and recruit the right apprentices to help achieve your business goals.

I believe it is important to support people who are looking to gain experience and qualifications to help progress their career and I will be pleased to provide the encouragement needed to this end.

Vivien HobbahWork Coach

I'm responsible for carrying out progress reviews with apprentices and employers. I am also responsible for ensuring apprentices stay on track with their targets. Targets are measured throughout the apprenticeship programme and agreed by myself and the apprentice.

In my spare time I enjoy socialising with my friends and family and also enjoy the odd bottle of good Italian wine. I look forward to work with you all in your work place and also at the Solveway academy.

Helen WhitingQuality & Compliance Manager

I am the Quality & Compliance Manager at Solveway. My role involves ensuring we are delivering an excellent quality service and effective support to our apprentices, employers and all other stakeholders. Before joining Solveway, I worked in the apprenticeships for 3 years and before that I worked as an IT Trainer for a college with students from 16 to 98!

Outside of work, I go to lots of music gigs, food and drink festivals and various sporting events, from rugby to motorsport.

Denise Hammond Administration Executive

I’m the administrator for Solveway and have a broad background in several fields. Everything from teaching to accounts, counselling to sales and hope to utilize all my skills and experiences to the benefit of both the staff and apprentices here at Solveway.

Outside the office I enjoy mountain biking and entertaining and love dining with friends. I’m a keen shopper and renowned for my collection of shoes amongst my family and friends.